technologyIntraoral Camera

The standard X-ray is essential in determining any dental problems you may have, but unfortunately, it may not reveal everything happening inside your mouth. We are proud to utilize an intraoral camera in our office.

An intraoral camera can project an image of your tooth onto a monitor, so you can see the problem in a magnified version and how we can correct the issue. It can also identify problems that may not be detected by the general means of examination, including cracks in your fillings or fractured teeth. Similar to the size and design of a dental mirror, an intraoral camera allows you to make better decisions regarding your treatment as you can see the same things we see.

The Wand

We take pride in offering our patients the latest technologies available to ensure optimal care! We utilize Wand Computerized Injections to deliver local anesthetic virtually pain-free! By using computer technology, we are able to guarantee that the anesthetic will flow slow and steady ensuring our patients' utmost comfort.

Most patients associate the sting from dental injections with the needle piercing the skin, but actually, it is most likely from the fast flow of the anesthetic. While it is possible for the dentist to control the flow of the anesthetic from a syringe, the Wand guarantees a steady flow.

Benefits of the Wand:

  • Reduces patient anxiety
  • Offers precise control of the flow of anesthetic
  • Virtually painless
  • Enhances patient comfort

Don't let fear keep you from maintaining the overall health of your smile. Ask us about the Wand and how it may benefit you during your dental treatment.


Early detection is the key to preventing severe dental complications so we utilize the most advanced technology available to assist us in detecting cavities at their earliest stages. Conventional methods for detecting cavities are helpful, but often times only 50-75% successful. This method of detection is often limited based on the location and depth of the cavity. To increase our patients' possibility of keeping a beautiful, healthy smile for a lifetime, we utilize DIAGNOdent Cavity Detection technology - an innovative dental laser that recognizes decay and cavities at the earliest stages.

Using laser diode technology, DIAGNOdent is able to compare the reflection wavelength of a tooth against a healthy baseline wavelength to reveal decay. DIAGNOdent has proven to be over 90% successful in detecting even the smallest lesions that aren't even noticed on X-rays!

This procedure is simple, quick and pain-free, and most of all, it helps preserve the overall health of your smile!

Digital Photography

We are proud to utilize the latest technology available to ensure our patients enjoy the best results. We use high-resolution digital photography to capture detailed images of your mouth, thus enabling us to maintain sharp, accurate records and keep you thoroughly informed of your treatment progress.

Digital Radiography - coming soon!

We are proud to announce that we will soon be offering digital radiography (X-rays), one of the latest technological advances in dentistry! With digital radiography, a wireless sensor is placed in the mouth, and a computer generates an image in 30 seconds as opposed to the general 4-6 minute wait time for images taken on dental film. These X-rays can also be enhanced on the computer and enlarged.

Not only are they friendly to the environment, they are much safer than traditional X-rays. Digital radiographs reduce radiation exposure by 90%!